Mermaids & Tadpoles Branding and Responsive Website

Mermaids & Tadpoles Branding and Responsive Website

Project Overview

In this comprehensive University of Florida assignment, I undertook the end-to-end development of a brand identity for ‘Mermaids & Tadpoles,’ a fictitious entity based on a real company. Commencing with the creation of a distinctive logo, which served as the keystone for the entire brand, I extended my design expertise to meticulously craft business cards and a comprehensive style guide that encapsulated the brand’s essence. Subsequently, I embarked on the creation of a responsive website, showcasing my proficiency in web development. The culmination of these efforts exemplifies my ability to conceive and implement a cohesive brand identity and underscores my capability to seamlessly integrate design and coding to deliver a dynamic digital presence.

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Image View – Branding Logos (Main & Alternate)

Image View – Business Card (Front & Back)

Image View – Branding Style Guide