FAHA – FS Artistic Hairstyling Awards Logo & Flyer

FAHA – FS Artistic Hairstyling Awards Logo & Flyer

Project Overview

In this multifaceted project, I embarked on two pivotal tasks: crafting the impactful logo for the 2023 FS Artistic Hairstyling Awards (FAHA) and conceptualizing a compelling flyer to promote the contest exclusively to the talented stylists of Fantastic Sams salons. The process began with designing a visually striking logo, capturing the prestige of the event. Building on this foundation, I seamlessly transitioned to designing an engaging flyer, adeptly communicating contest details and incentives. The combination of the logo’s artistry and the flyer’s persuasive visuals resulted in a cohesive campaign that honored talent and generated excitement and participation within the Fantastic Sams stylist community.

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Image View – Logo

Image View – Flyer